Sporty Features Make the Ford Edge Stand Out

The SEL Sport package is a consumer option that gives the Ford Edge sports upgrade. If you want a sporty automobile that can attract attention on the road and on a driveway, this package will suit your needs. Because the SEL Sports bundle is an appearance package, all of the included features provide flair. The main options include bold headlamps, trendy skid plates with magnetic elements...

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Is the Ford Fiesta ST Good for Your Back?

The Ford Fiesta ST is a popular subcompact performance hatchback. Some customers use it on the race track. The Ford Fiesta ST has a few interior features that are good for your back. Two of these features are an adjustable lumbar support in the driver's seat and front 2-way adjustable head restraints. Whether you're driving on the road or racing, it's comfortable on your back.

The driver's seat adjustable lumbar support helps attain the ideal sitting position for your body. Your muscles become fatigued during long trips, which can lead to back pain or discomfort. 

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Ford Escape Capabilities and Features for 2018

People are loving the new Ford Escape. It's one of the best compact SUVs on the road right. US News & World Report ranked it number two in its class for high marks in performance, interior comfort, safety, and reliability. There are a lot of people looking at the new design as well, because of its interior space and technology.

The latest performance in the Escape is quite modest. It provides greater control, smooth handling, and a bit of acceleration at the base. You only get 168-horsepower, but a lot of fuel economy with the standard engine. 

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Ford EcoSport Capability Features

The brand new Ford EcoSport is quite the stylish subcompact SUV. It's top-rated in its class for safety and interior, while still being quite affordable for the tech that it comes with. There is a laundry list of features with this SUV, including driver safety features, smartphone connectivity, SYNC 3 infotainment, touch-screen upgrades, and rearview cameras. If you haven't seen the new EcoSport, it's one of the sportier SUVs available right now. With the standard trim, you get a turbocharged engine and tons of extras. 

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Stay in Control in the 2018 Ford Taurus

The 2018 Ford Taurus is a full-sized sedan that's built for safety and performance. It has a number of features that are designed to improve your handling on winding roads and uneven terrain.

When you're looking at the Ford Taurus, you have the option to go with the standard front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. Intelligent AWD comes as standard on the Sho trim level and as an option for limited builds. The car has numerous sensors throughout that monitor road conditions. 

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Drive the Ford Focus Electric

For many years now, the Ford Focus has been the face of the small car division at Ford. The company has staked a great deal on the Focus being their future in the economy vehicle market. They have decided to modernize the fleet, and have added the new Ford Focus Electric to their lineup. This vehicle aims to be a slightly more upmarket version of the standard Focus - and of course, it is entirely powered by a battery. 

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The Awesome Capability Features of The Ford F-150

We have seen the new 2018 Ford F-150, and we have to say it is very impressive. There are indeed a lot of good things about this model, and mentioning all of them would take more than one article. Indeed, the capability features on alone on this model are astonishing.

Best-In-Class Payload And Towing Ratings

The F-150 can run with the big boys, smoothing out any tough workday, and making it as productive as possible. 

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Keep A Good Set of Brake Pads in Your Vehicle So That You Have the Right Amount of Stopping Power

One of the most important safety features on your car, truck, or SUV is your braking system. And at the heart of your braking system are the brake pads. This is what gives your vehicle its stopping power and as a result they will naturally suffer from some of the worst wear and tear. When it comes time to replace them it can be a very helpful thing to have a basic knowledge of how the braking system works as a whole.

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The Importance of Your Car's Ignition

The ignition of your vehicle is often overlooked. It’s a small component but one of the most important to your car. That is why we here at Metter Ford located right in Metter, GA are here to ensure you recognize the warning signs of a faulty ignition.

One of the biggest signs that your ignition requires service is a grinding sound heard any time your turn the key in the ignition. 

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